Bonus: 10 Ways to Add Movement Into Your Day

These are a few simple ideas for incorporating movement into a sedentary lifestyle. Come up with your own and share them below.

  1. Set a Timer for 45 minutes. When it goes off, get out of your chair and move for 5 minutes.
  2. Drink & Pee: Drink 8 ounces of filtered WATER every hour so you will have to keep getting up to use the restroom. It will help flush toxins out of your body and keep you hydrated.
  3. Put the items you use regularly barely out of reach on higher shelves. Stand up and stretch for them every time you need them.
  4. Every time you get out of your chair, stand and sit 5-10 times. By the way, those are squats.
  5. Park your car far away from the door. It will add steps to your day, even if you don’t know if you’re coming or going.
  6. Take the stairs at least one time a day, even if you don’t need to. If there aren’t any in your home or workplace, Improvise or Find Some!
  7. Grocery shop for fresh produce daily instead of weekly. It will add steps to your day, and in a weird way, give you a few moments of me time as you decide what you want to put into your body.
  8. While sitting at your desk, do leg lifts. Make sure you support your back by engaging your stomach. If you are not in the best condition, start by simply lifting one foot off the floor at a time.
  9. Drop your Pen on the floor next to your chair on the right. Remaining seated, lean sideways and pick it up. Inhale on the way down; exhale on the way up. Repeat on the other side.
  10. With your hands higher than your heart, stretch and shake your fingers every hour. Move each finger as far away from the others as possible; then move them as far up and down as possible. Shake it out.

What are some other ideas you could do at your desk?

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