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                 Different time periods . . ..                                                          …                  Different characters . . ..                                                                  …   …                .Same Legend . . .

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The Legend

“If it be the anniversary of your birth when you first kiss, that blessed moment over the ancient rune becomes your union of destiny.”

Long ago, before time had forgotten, an ordinary tree was forever changed when a magical rune was carved into its trunk.
To keep its power out of the hands of those who would abuse it, the tree was taken down and cut into planks.
Although these boards were used to construct a Gypsy’s mystical Kissing Booth, many said the destruction of the tree was the undoing of the magical power of the rune.

What do you believe?      

Read the tales of the Love of Fairs series, and decide for yourself.

Fairly Certain and Fairly Safe

Fairly Certain and Fairly Safe


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