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Are you in a sedentary profession? Follow the Wiggle Writer for tips as to how to add activity to your day without carving out a chunk of time for it.

Snow Shoveling 101: Shoveling During A Storm

Shoveling Snow 101 by Deborah Ann Davis

I don’t know about your Nor’easter, but my Nor’easter dumps a lot of snow! But it’s so lovely. When I go out in the middle of it to feed the birds (those little flying mosquito-eaters), I shovel a bit.

“What?” you exclaim. “You shovel in the middle of the storm?”

Of course I do. Now, in the middle of the storm. Why should I? Let me count the ways.

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Snow Shoveling 101: Shoveling Lessons

If you are going to shovel for exercise, Wiggle Writer applauds you. But if you live in CT, you haven’t done much shoveling this year, so be a savvy shoveler. This is how you convert shoveling from an overuse injury producer, into a healthy full-body workout:

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6 Ways to Reduce Holiday Overeating

Is this the scenario of your post-holiday feasts? Bodies strewn all over the living room furniture. Belts loosened. Groans of regret fill the air. “I’ll never eat that much again!”

Fifteen minutes later the hostess enters the room and announces dessert is ready. Groaning ceases. Bodies haul themselves into upright positions. Glazed eyes become focused. “I suppose I could manage just a little bit of something-something.” The living room empties and the dining room overflows.

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8 Hours For Everything Else

But don’t stop there! Find ways to increase your activity at home. I asked the very creative members of CTRWA what they could do at their homes to increase their daily activity. Here’s some of what they came up with:

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10 Reasons To Shovel In The Middle Of A Nor’easter

10 Reasons To Shovel In The Middle Of A Nor’easter. Wiggle Writer says, “This is how you turn shoveling from an overuse injury into a full body workout.”

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A Competitive Perspective

No matter how you train, or how much you prepare, you cannot control whether you win or lose because you cannot control who shows up to compete against you, whether in sports, in grades, or in job interviews. But no matter who shows up, you can control whether you do your best.

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Happy New Year

A night of dancing leads to a commitment renewal for leading an active lifestyle. Not a quick fix, but a change that will take me into my elderly years, when I’m in my 90’s with blue hair. Time to embrace an active lifestyle.

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Traditional Holiday Wiggle

Wiggle while you Wrap. Wiggle while you Work. Wiggle while you Weep over holiday movies. And definitely Wiggle while you Welcome People to your home. Don’t forget the traditional After Dinner Family Waddle. Bundle everyone up and drag them outside. Once or twice around the block should do it. Wiggle while you Waddle!

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Introducing the Wiggle Writer

Introducing the Wiggle Writer

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