Billion Acts of Green

The Ripple Effect by Deborah Ann Davis

As spring approaches, what better time to reconnect with our planet than to observe March 25’s Earth Hour and April 22’s Earth Day? I sashayed over to to glean some cool Earth Day ideas, and what greeted me?

Billion Acts of Green

Together we’ve reached 2,023,369,464 Acts of Green. Help us reach 3 billion!

Have I not been telling you Small Acts Make for Big Impacts since forever? (That actually was the header on my Environmental Science website back when I taught in Hartford, CT. I set it up so my students could access assignments, and it’s been sitting there ever since.)

It was such an affirmation of my philosophy, now I’m inspired to resurrect this year so I can supply you with ways to connect with our planet (I’ll keep you posted).

But right now, let’s check out what you can do for the planet.

The trick is to start small and work your way up. Make changes that are easy fixes for your lifestyle. It takes 60+ days to make a new habit, so anything you start now won’t be automatic until May. That means if you can hang in there, in May, your change will feel like a normal part of your routine, and not an inconvenience. You’ll do it seamlessly. makes time-intensive suggestions:

  • Join the March For Science
  • Start Composting
  • Reduce Your Ecological Footprint.

But they also make some easy-to-begin suggestions:

  • Trade Re-usable bags for Disposable Plastic or Disposable Paper
  • Eat Less Meat- Enjoy Meatless Mondays
  • Be A Citizen Signer- add your name to a petition

The First 10 in a Billion Acts of Green

Would you like to create a small action that will add up to a large impact? Here are my 10 Start-Up suggestions you can use for your first steps:Deborah Ann Davis, Personal Impact

  1. Pass this link on to your schools. It provides a toolkit to help educators incorporate Earth Day activities in their lessons.
  2. Send this link to your local government. There is contact information there for setting up a community event. Then attend the event with your family.
  3. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
  4. Put a small plastic bottle in your toilet tank to reduce the amount of clean water wasted through flushing.
  5. Decrease the pressure of your shower, and cut your shower by 1 minute (you’d be surprised how much water is saved over the year.
  6. Take 20 minutes to watch The Story of Stuff with your family, then have a discussion after.
  7. Add another trashcan in bedrooms and bathrooms. One can be used for recyclables, and the other for trash. If you make it easy to separate recyclables, they will.
  8. Turn your refrigerator down a little bit. It will use less electricity.
  9. Don’t wash your clothes on the hot temperature. Use warm instead. It saves energy.
  10. Lower your thermostat when you go out. No sense in heating or cooling an empty house.

You Can Do It!

Each one of these ten suggestions requires very little effort and time. But each one is its own Act of Green, contributing to the goal of 3,000,000,000 Acts of Green. You can go to and register your action, and be officially counted in their three billion acts. Plus, it’s an Act of Green for each member of your family who decides to step up. And if you get your best friend to participate, that doubles your impact. You could become quite the influencer!

Take me, for instance. Every year I change something in my lifestyle to better align myself with the good of our planet. And every chance I get, I try to encourage people to make their own changes, whether I do it in the classroom, or through my writing.

Small Acts Make for Big Impacts.

What’s your next Act of Green going to be? You might give someone else a good idea (That’s The Ripple Effect at its best!)



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Fairly Certain meets When Harry Met Sally

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Earth Hour 2017: Welcome To The Dark Side

Earth Day, Earth Week, Dowsers

Earth Hour is held 20:30-21:30 hours (8:30-9:30 p.m.) in your time zone on the last Saturday of March. This year it will be March 25. This symbolic day is observed in order to conserve energy and draw the world’s attention to the decline of the environment due to human practices. Here are 10 creative Earth Hour Activities, Preparation Suggestions, and Follow Up Ideas. Give Earth Hour a try. You’ll get to save on your electric bill, turn off the TV, and spend some quality time with family, friends, and sometimes strangers.  Earth Hour 2017: Welcome To The Dark Side. Read more ›

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To Label Or Not To Label

gmo label

My girlfriend recently purchased a package of OSCAR MAYER Selects Angus Beef Franks. When she got them home and started to prepare her meal, the odor from the package told her to pick something else for dinner. They had gone bad. When she wrote to the company to complain, they sent her this letter: Read more ›

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Snow Shoveling 101: Shoveling During A Storm

Shoveling Snow 101 by Deborah Ann Davis

I don’t know about your Nor’easter, but my Nor’easter dumps a lot of snow! But it’s so lovely. When I go out in the middle of it to feed the birds (those little flying mosquito-eaters), I shovel a bit.

“What?” you exclaim. “You shovel in the middle of the storm?”

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The First Kiss Moment – Romance Outside Of A Book

The First Kiss Moment with Deborah and Herb Davis, Happily Ever After, Venice Beach California

The First Kiss Moment?

The boy I had a mad crush on stood across from me, arms folded across his chest.

“We’ve been dating for a couple of months, and I think I should be able to kiss you,” he said, his tone somber, his demeanor grave, his brow drawn.

It was true. It had been a couple of months. After stalking him at the beginning of the school year, he had chosen to spend time with me. Me. Alone.

But why? Read more ›

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Snow Shoveling 101: Shoveling Lessons

Let me introduce myself. I’m the Wiggle Writer, the personal trainer/author who teaches writers, or anyone chained to a desk, how to add movement to their day.

You’re busy. I get it. So busy, in fact, that your shape is starting to resemble your chair (think about it…). If you want an alternative, the solution is easy, but I’ll save that topic for another day.

Today’s discussion of snow shoveling techniques is motivated by the impending storm about to hit Connecticut tonight. Read more ›

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Don’t Take Reviews Personally

Jack Canfield's Chicken Soup for the Soul Rejection

What if I told you that you don’t need a thick skin to handle book reviews? Nope, you don’t, not with a proper attitude adjustment. Allow me…

Don’t Take Reviews Personally

I joined a writing group before I became a writer. Hanging around the periphery, I watched and learned, feeling like a poser who had snuck in. I didn’t have a story to write, just a mishmash of ideas generated by pop songs. Who knows why I hung in there, but I did. I didn’t actually start writing until a guest speaker stated, “You don’t have to have a story in order to begin writing.”

“Well, hey!” I thought, “I don’t have a story!” And so my writing journey began. At first I was simply stringing together some of the ideas bouncing around in my head. Eventually I created a (great) manuscript. Then I was faced with the really big question: Read more ›

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SMART Goals for the New Year

If you have teenagers, this would be a good time to take a look at the first two marking periods, evaluate and assess their progress, and make some New Year’s Resolutions. This is not the time or place to be judgmental. This is the time to build a team where you are on their side, facing the challenge together. Read more ›

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6 Ways to Reduce Holiday Overeating

Do you need a way to control your holiday indulgences? How about

6 Ways to Reduce Holiday Overeating

Is this the scenario of your post-holiday feasts? Bodies strewn all over the living room furniture. Belts loosened. Groans of regret fill the air. “I’ll never eat that much again!”

Fifteen minutes later the hostess enters the room and announces dessert is ready. Groaning ceases. Bodies haul themselves into upright positions. Glazed eyes become focused. “I suppose I could manage just a little bit of something-something.” The living room empties and the dining room overflows.

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