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School iPads & ADHD

Many schools have started Initiatives by where students are being given iPad or Tablets to use for the school year. For some this is a blessing, but for some, it is a curse. School iPads & ADHD is not a good mix.

ipad vs tablet

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There's a Fungus Among Us

Brian Jessurun and Hen in the Woods   Meet Brian Jessurun, one of the owners of Dog Lane Café at 1 Dog Lane, Mansfield, CT .dog lane cafe Located right next to UConn, it’s one of our favorite places to eat breakfast. Not only is the food excellent (that’s a shout out to Dana), but they try to buy locally, and they have gluten-free bread and rolls (Yay!). I sit in this cafe and write quite frequently. Bringing your kids to an eco-friendly restaurant is great, but telling them that you’re doing it – and pointing out what the place strives to do – is even better.

We met Brian while he was searching for a bag for this huge fungus, a Maitaki mushroom, or Hen of the Woods, or Spanish Dancer. It’s a shelf mushroom that grows in layers at the base of trees. There’s a Fungus Among Us…