Walking the Walk

It’s Resuming Resolutions Time!

How about those New Year’s Resolutions, eh?

Right about now, they may need some resurrecting. May I suggest you forget about the quick-fix ones? Either convert them to Lifestyle Changes status, or let them go.

As for the resolutions you directed toward changing your life, they can still succeed if they’ve been waning. Although it’s normal to settle back into what’s comfy and familiar, once the January 1st good-intentions-bubble has popped, you don’t have to stay there. You can resume your resolution right now.

Believe it or not it’s not like starting over. You’ve already done yourself some good when you started your resolution. Letting it slip away simply means you haven’t acquired the added benefits… not that the original benefits no longer exist.

It turns out that every little bit helps when you’re trying to improve your lifestyle—The things you do for it, the thoughts about it, the planning for it—all of it counts because it’s retraining the way you think. When you resume your resolution, you build on that beginning foundation. And, by taking control of the situation again, you’ll spark enthusiasm and self-empowerment, which will also add to your foundation. Even that puts you a little closer to achieving success with your resolution.

To help you maintain your resolve, write reminder notes on sticky post-its, and plant them on the bathroom mirrors and the fridge. Put another one on your car’s sun visor, and one on the front door. That will keep your resolution in the forefront. Say your resolution aloud every time you see a note. Again, you’ll be training yourself in that direction.

While stopping and starting and stopping and starting might not feel like progress, it most certainly is, so don’t minimize it. ALL progress, even small progress, is an accomplishment.

The next time life pushes back against your efforts to change, forgive yourself for dropping the ball, and jump back on that bandwagon. The foundation you started January 1st will still be there, waiting for you to resume.

You got this! Which resolution are you going to resurrect today?

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