When Caffeine Becomes Creepy: 10 Surprise Sources

Caffeine, the wonder-addiction. Why do I say that? Because by slipping it into foods you consume, the company creates a need in you. You have to have more of the product to feel energized so you can compete at work or school. Basically, you are being trapped into becoming a permanent customer. It’s the same reason why Coca-Cola used to lace its products with cocaine until it was forced to stop. That’s when caffeine becomes creepy.

Nowadays, caffeine is the drug of choice. Did you know that chocolate has added caffeine? You can find it listed in the ingredients as Other Flavors or Spices or, my favorite misnomer, Natural Flavorings (which are all code for “we aren’t going to tell you what’s in here”). According to Honor Whiteman in Medical News Today, so are things like jellybeans, waffles, chewing gum and syrup. That’s crazy (in my humble opinion).

Girls Who Look Like Their Fathers

Little girls automatically want to look like their beautiful mother. Life is much simpler if they resemble the lead female in the home than for Girls Who Look Like Daddy. However, if your daughter resembles her handsome dad, it can mess with her self-concept. Well-meaning relatives who pinch her toddler cheeks and say, “Oooh, you look just like your daddy!” don’t understand that it matters to her little girl self to be compared to a man.

The Parent-Teen Tango

I’m pretty sure whoever coined the phrase, “It takes two to tango” was talking about The Parent-Teen Tango, specifically the mother-daughter relationships during the tumultuous teens. The tango is a dance between two conflicted people, filled with frustrated love and human fatality.

“In a relationship, you can try and please the other person 100% of the time thinking that that’s what’s going to make the relationship successful but in reality you’ll end up not only with your needs unmet, but also resenting the other person for not appreciating all your sacrifice and your compromise.

7 Tips On How To Pull Off A Presentation

It’s Presentation Time! (Yay!)

Does the idea of doing a presentation make you want to run and hide?
Perhaps your grades depend on a dazzling oral demonstration of your knowledge, or the direction of your job hangs in the balance. My advice?

Be prepared, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

How would you like 7 Tips On How To Pull Off A Presentation? Here’s where you begin:

Talking To Teens: Conversation Starters and Stoppers

How would you like to have free-flowing conversations with your teen? If you already find talking to teens easy, use the topics below for additional ideas.
If, on the other hand, you are trying to engage a reluctant teenager in conversation, try this:

8 Hours For Everything Else

To paraphrase Jamie K. Schmidt from her fabulous workshop on Writing Novellas, there are 24 hours in a day. That breaks down into:

8 hours of sleep

8 hours of work

8 hours for everything else

8 hours for everything else?

That’s huge! That’s 56 hours a week! That’s more than enough time to fit in everything, including writing and exercise (and laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and most importantly, nurturing the important relationships in your life).

10 Fun Fantastic Fabulous Activities

10 Fun Fantastic Fabulous Activities, and not your every day nice weather activities, can make the difference between the 2017, and a Fun Fantastic Fabulous 2017.

Yes, you may have an after school job, and a ton of homework, but there’s still plenty of time to have some fun. You can approach every weekend wondering how you are going to spend it, or you can put these 10 Fun, Fantastic and Fabulous Activities (albeit, a bit oddball) into your schedule.

Reframe Your Diet: 5 Eye-Openers That Can Change Your Life

Your concept of the word “diet” is probably influenced by the media. It’s time to Reframe Your Diet – and its concept – with 5 Eye-Openers That Can Change Your Life!
Let me begin by saying…

You Can Do It! I Know You Can!

You just have to reorient your thinking so it enhances your success. Start here to reframe your concept of “diet”:
A habit is something you do automatically, without thinking, so make your goal to habitually have a healthy diet. I’ve heard tell that it takes 60 days to form a habit.

C’mon now. How can you possibly tell how long it’s going to take to make any lifestyle change? All you need to succeed is to have your eyes opened, because that sets you on your path. Organize yourself, and have at it! But first, let me open your eyes…

Eye-Opener #1: What You Eat Is Your Diet

Do As I Say, Not As I Do


Mom, as a child did you sneak into your mother’s room to explore the wonders it held? Did you try on her jewelry? Play with her mascara? Totter around on her heels?


If you did, you know from personal experience teenage girls are eager to emulate their mothers, the most important female figure in their lives

Your precious girl wants to experience life as you do, and her teenage brain makes her want it NOW. She wants your high heels, your m

ake-up, your perfume, your confidence, your maturity. She wants it all. If you do it, your daughter copies it. If you live it, it must be desirable, so she wants it for herself.

She wants to be you. Pay attention to what you do, because she watches everything.

If you are the living, breathing example your daughter follows, have you examined the lessons you inadvertently teach her? Let’s take an objective judgment-free look at yourself. What does she see?