The Conundrum of Curls

The Conundrum of Curls

Curls are a funny thing.  Take my dark brown, baby fine hair, for instance. Puberty hit around the time personaJennifer_Bealsl hair dryers infiltrated the home. That meant I learned to make my hair “Silky Smooth” as the Great Zohan would say.
I moved to Georgia, became deeply tanned, and permed my hair so I could look like Jennifer Beals as she moved into Flashdance. I was mystified why so many people said I looked like her (seriously, I didn’t), but she and I had the only brunette curls in town

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

As I stagger around my house this January 1, 2015, I feel sore, tired and exhilarated. We danced last night for 3+ hours as we ushered in the Happy New Year… in spiky heels! Personally, I don’t indulge in alcohol because it dries out my contact lenses. I suppose I could wear my glasses, but they fly off when I’m dancing, so… no drinking.

Whiting Mills Studios

Beware of the Dragon at

Whiting Mills Studios

And the Weaving. And the Woodworking. Not to mention the wares crafted by the Silversmith, the Quilter, the Artist, the Photographer, the Herbalist, the Jeweler, the Robotists, the Potters,  the Musicians, the Writers, etc. They all resided at 100 Whiting Street in Winston, CT for a weekend for the Holiday Open Studios & Guest Artists Event the first weekend in December.

Coventry High School PTO Holiday Fair

It is amazing how fast people change. The Coventry High School PTO Holiday Fair marked six months since I quit my day job to become a full time author >ooh, shivers<. It was such a treat to see my former students again, and they certainly have matured. One guy shot up so tall, I don’t think I’m in his peripheral vision any more.

There’s a Fungus Among Us

Meet Brian Jessurun, one of the owners of Dog Lane Café at 1 Dog Lane, Mansfield, CT . Located right next to UConn, it’s one of our favorite places to eat breakfast. Not only is the food excellent (that’s a shout out to Dana), but they try to buy locally, and they have gluten-free bread and rolls (Yay!). I sit in this cafe and write quite frequently. Bringing your kids to an eco-friendly restaurant is great, but telling them that you’re doing it – and pointing out what the place strives to do – is even better.We met Brian while he was searching for a bag for this huge fungus, a Maitaki mushroom, or Hen of the Woods, or Spanish Dancer. It’s a shelf mushroom that grows in layers at the base of trees. There’s a Fungus Among Us…

Epiphany After Epiphany: Everything Is Connected

Let me begin by saying this is an ABSOLUTELY TRUE STORY! Epiphany After Epiphany: Everything Is Connected…
I have been an educator for 25+ years in a variety of settings (geographic, urban/rural, socioeconomic) and grades (middle school, high school). By default, I also taught manners, common sense and wonder, using Science as my vehicle of communication.

After all, Science, out of all the disciplines, is hands-down the most fun.