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How To Get Your Happy On

What if you could harness your happiness and use it to positively affect your family and friends? Award-winning author, educator and coach Deborah Ann Davis has gathered everything you need to get your happy on, and has condensed it into this powerful little book. She even guides you through your own personal Happiness Experiment!

Excited? You should be. You’re about to rev up your life!

How do I know you will enjoy the Awesome Mom Handbooks?
Just see how well I know you:

1  You know you deserve to be happy.
2  You can’t say the letter ‘p’ without your lips touching.
3  You just tried it.
4  You’re smiling.
6  You’re laughing or smiling again.
7  You didn’t notice I missed Fact 5.
8  You just checked it.
9  You’re smiling again.
10 You’re going to love How To Get Your Happy On!

Still not sure?

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