Is Life Like the Movies?

Life is like the movies. In the movie “Last Holiday” with Queen Latifah as Georgia Byrd, when the main character goes to her Health Maintenance Organization with an ailment that requires surgery, they explain her policy doesn’t cover the necessary procedure. The same thing happened to us when after almost three months of constant pain,…

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6 Ways to Reduce Holiday Overeating

Is this the scenario of your post-holiday feasts? Bodies strewn all over the living room furniture. Belts loosened. Groans of regret fill the air. “I’ll never eat that much again!”
Fifteen minutes later the hostess enters the room and announces dessert is ready. Groaning ceases. Bodies haul themselves into upright positions. Glazed eyes become focused. “I suppose I could manage just a little bit of something-something.” The living room empties and the dining room overflows.