Coventry High School PTO Holiday Fair

It is amazing how fast people change. The Coventry High School PTO Holiday Fair marked six months since I quit my day job to become a full time author >ooh, shivers<. It was such a treat to see my former students again, and they certainly have matured. One guy shot up so tall, I don’t think I’m in his peripheral vision any more.
Meals were provided for us by the Culinary Students, and who wouldn’t enjoy the marvelous Holiday music playing in the background by the Band Students.

The fair was so expansive, vendors filled two gyms and the corridor. Both Staff and Students created a warm and welcoming experience.  Everyone had a wonderful time.
I have to confess, before I showed up, I pulled out last year’s yearbook to review names and faces. I know from prior experience how high schoolers can change in a year, so I studied up.

So sue me.
Not only did I catch up with former colleagues and students, but a couple of people from my own high school alma mater showed up!
I also took advantage of the situation to remind my students to set up a study schedule for midterm exams. (I’m pretty sure I was the only one who thought that was a good idea.)
You know, I might as well throw it out there to you, too. Many schools have mid year exams in January after the holidays. Take a moment to sit down and map out a study schedule for yourself. Begin now, before the holidays, by organizing and reviewing your notebooks. Use highlighters and/or sticky-notes to mark things you need to ask your teachers, or spend extra time studying. When you get back to school in January, spend 15 minutes a night reviewing. If you choose 2 subjects every night, that will be only an extra half hour of studying on top of homework.
As Exam Week approaches, increase the study time to 30 minutes per subject. By the time you have your first exam, you will have put in several hours and not feel the pain of  it all. And, you won’t be cramming for exams. AND, you won’t burn out for your last exam. I can’t tell you how many students cram every night during the entire week of exams, only to show up with a Fuzzy Brain on the last day.
Take it from someone who got everyone’s name right at the Holiday Fair. Avoid the dreaded Fuzzy Brain and organize yourself for success.

No one plans to fail; they  fail to plan. 

If you were my student, you may remember this poster from my classroom…

If you are one of my former students, you know what I mean when I say,

Have a great day and don’t play in traffic!

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