How To Re-Program Negative Self-Talk

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How To Keep Your Daughter From Slamming the Door.
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Unless you have consciously worked hard to eradicate it, we all do self-bashing at one time or another… and we should not – ever. If you want to stop the negative self-talk in your head, download this gem from Kathy Orford. Pick a method that works for you. Then download a Progress Tracker to keep track of (you guessed it!) your progress.

If you’d like to address Negative Self-Talk with your daughter, but you have a contentious relationship, try this:

1. Inform your daughter that you are attempting to improve the relationship between you, and as part of that process, when she has time, you’d to share an idea with her.
2. Tell her you just read this cool article, and you wanted to know if she thought her friends did self-bashing. And, if so, how much.
3. Tell her which method you’re going to try on yourself.
4. Leave this article with her, and ask her to let you know which method resonates with her.

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