3 Visuals To Help You Track Your Progress

It takes a while to form a new habit. Research has shown that starting and stopping and starting and stopping all count toward your progress, and as you know, any progress – even tiny progress – is real progress.

Choose the style chart that speaks to you. Marking these charts will help you track Frequency (how often you performed) and Consistency (how many times in a row you performed). Your objective is to increase both of those numbers, and in the process, you will develop a new habit for yourself over the next year.

New Habit = Lifestyle Change

If you post your chart in a public place in your house, you’ll have the added benefit of accountability!

Chart #1- 100 Mile Challenge

Are you on your feet all day? Why not track how far you travel in your daily activities? See how many days in a row you move, in addition to how far you go.

Chart #2 – Habit Tracker

Want to increase your daily servings of veggies? Or add more positivity to your life? Write what you’re tracking on the line, and then color in the days that you do it. Your objective is to do it as many times in a row as you can. Missed a day? No problem! Leave it blank and continue the next day!

Chart #3 – Year Long Tracker

To reinforce a new habit you’d like to turn into a lifestyle change, color in the days you do it. For example you can track every day that you:

  • Have no sugar
  • Have 4 servings of veggies
  • Have reduced salt
  • Have less than 3 servings of grains
  • Sweat for 30 minutes
  • Have no GMOs

Post it where you can see it every day.

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