HER Global Voice

HER Global Voice: Feminine Leaders Sharing Their Story to Change and Empower Your Heart, Soul, and Spirit

There has never been a more powerful time in our history for women to come forward and share their voices than now. Women are amazing, powerful, and divine gifts to our human existence. Dr. Anita and the co-authors of this book believe that women are so much more than our past, our stories, our pain, our credentials, our resources, and the disguises we often wear to help us merely survive. We believe foremost that the essence of a woman living and operating from her feminine power and truth is a crucial element to humankind’s spiritual healing and restoration, balance and harmony, wealth and abundance, growth, and overall success. Despite the amazing contributions women have already made to society, we believe there is so much more for women to contribute and offer. Never before have women had more power and rights than they do now in shaping the future of our families, communities, and world.
Women have heard the message of empowerment and feminism for years yet; women today still struggle with fully allowing themselves to truly be seen, heard, valued, and influential as we make an impact on all those around us. True empowerment, we believe, is a spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social experience that activates power within a woman to truly be her divine authentic self.
HER Global Voice shares the voices of up-and-coming feminine empowerment leaders who have decided to share MORE of their voice, their stories, their pain, and the wisdom they have gained from finally speaking their truth unapologetically. Each coauthor will inspire and empower you to say YES to your own story while giving you all the permission you need to yell your story from the rooftop. Share your global voice sister…we want to hear you.

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