1-on-1 Life Coaching

If you want tomorrow to be different,
you have to change something today.

Do old habits overwhelm the changes you try to make?
Does the role of your responsibility in the current education process quietly freak you out?
Having difficulty following the requirements of a new health concern?
Want to learn how to make positive changes stick?

With me as your Life Coach, we can work to achieve anything from fostering positive and healthy relationships, to living a healthier, more productive lifestyle. During our time together, we focus on you and your needs to:

  • Sort out your situation
  • Identify specific needs
  • Set concrete goals
  • Create a strategy to achieve them
  • Follow up and tweak the process

Instead of you making it up as you go along, we’ll design your approach to the challenges in your life. Choose the program that best suits you:

Initial Clarity Consult:
1 Session – $0

Begin with a free initial Clarity Consult so we can figure out the best way for you to see the fastest results. 

  • Discovery Questionnaire
  • Review of your Discovery Questionnaire prior to session
  • Clarifying Consult with Deborah to discuss what you can do to immediately to boost your situation

1-on-1 Laser Focus Consultation:
For Do-It-Yourselfers
approx. 2 Weeks – $249 

This program is for self-motivated Do-It-Yourselfers. You want a Life Coach to show you how to move yourself forward, and then you take it from there. If you can keep yourself accountable, this is a great option for you.

  • Initial Clarity Consult based on Discovery Questionnaire, plus…
  • Focus and Objective Selection based on your indications
  • Goal Design specific to the objective of your focus, and based on your situation
  • A copy of How To Get Your Happy On
  • Preliminary plan to get you started on reaching your goal
  • Accountability: Follow-up email to check on your progress
life parenting

Jumpstart Coaching Program:
The Right Nudge To Get You Going
1 Month – $797

The Jumpstart Program is exactly what it sounds like. You want it all laid out for you to implement on your own, but you also want someone there, checking on your progress periodically to keep you accountable. 

  • Initial Clarity Consult based on Discovery Questionnaire, plus…
  • Preliminary 1-on-1 Coaching based on your Clarity Consult goals
  • A copy of How To Get Your Happy On
  • Personalized Jumpstart Plan for you to implement
  • Accountability: Follow-up emails to encourage your progress
  • Private Facebook Group for asking questions and sharing ideas

Pair A.B.C. Group Coaching with any Coaching Program for a $99 discount!

Still wondering if working with a Life Coach is for you?
Not sure where to start?

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