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Live Events

You've read the books, now hear Deborah in person at a day-long seminar or a weekend retreat! You deserve it!

Upcoming Events

Mothers Days: An All-Day Workshop for Mothers of Teen and Tween Daughters

TBD. Want to spend a day with like-minded moms, who are also facing the challenge of raising a healthy, self-assured daughter? You’ll walk away with more than a few tricks to keep up your sleeve, and have them at your disposal, should the need arise. 

Mothers and Daughters Retreat: A Weekend for Mothers and Teenage Daughters

TBD. Got teenage girls? Then you can expect issues to arise. Build the positive and empowering rapport you always wanted at the Mothers and Daughters Weekend Retreat. Spend an unforgettable New England getaway with expert Deborah Ann Davis – award-winning author, educator, and speaker – plus, a Surprise Guest Speaker. Imagine… just you and your daughter, together for  an entire weekend of undistracted connection, learning, and growth. Explore and experience techniques you can use to navigate the tumultuous teen years with understanding and compassion. It will be a weekend the two of you will always remember!

Why Live Events?

THE PROBLEM: Strained Relationships Between Mothers and their Teenage Daughters

Relationship Boot Camp Mothers Teenage Daughters

The landscape is cluttered with unhappy anxious mothers who are trying to figure out why their darling teen girls snarl at them over nothing. But, the picture is clouded by both trust issues and hormonal influences, making it difficult to navigate your tumultuous relationship.

What if there was a roadmap that would help you go from being a force opposing your daughter, to joining forces with her?

Now, there is! Learn how to navigate and negotiate a strained relationship with your teenage daughter, who is impatiently waiting for you to figure it out.

THE SOLUTIONLive All-Day and Weekend Events Addressing Mother/Daughter Relationships

Relationship boot camp Mothers Teenage DaughtersDo you seem to always push the wrong buttons when the two of you talk? Want to learn how to avoid the pitfalls associated with parent/teen relationships? How would you like to get your mother-daughter relationship back on track?

Spend a day with just moms, focused on techniques and strategies for bridging the gap between you and your daughter, far away from the distractions of home. 

Then treat yourself and your daughter to an entire hands-on interactive weekend. Learn what makes you different, and how to make those differences work for you (even though she may drive you crazy). Capitalize on your similarities (they may surprise you) and learn to move forward as a Mother/Daughter Team. Build the relationship you always wanted together. 

THE SPEAKER: Deborah Ann Davis

Mothers Teenage Daughters

Award-winning author Deborah Ann Davis has met with hundreds of families who were seeking advice to help their kids better navigate high school. Her mission is to help you create emotionally strong girls who will become emotionally strong women who will raise emotionally strong families. As an acclaimed speaker, Deborah has touched thousands of people through classes and workshops, coaching them towards solutions to make school and every day life more manageable.

  • How To Keep Your Daughter From Slamming the Door  A roadmap to surviving your daughter’s tween and teen years
  • How To Get Your Happy On  For those ready to take it to the next level

Testimonials & Success Stories

“Deborah Davis is an exceptional speaker, and it’s amazing how quickly she connects with her audience. The weekend allowed for my daughter and I to connect on a whole new level, and we’ve learned so much about each other.”
-Weekend Live Event Attendee, Mothers and Daughters Retreat Weekend, 2017

“A wonderful experience – very useful info. Ah ha! moments, delicious food, lovely accommodations. Deborah knows what moms and daughters are going through from her experience as a mom and teacher. Got many good tips, from philosophy to food.”
-Weekend Live Event Attendee, Mothers and Daughters Retreat Weekend, 2017

“My daughter and I enjoyed our time together at the weekend retreat. We were able to open up to each other, talk to each other, laugh with each other; and we learned many things about the way we each think/act, and why.”
-Weekend Live Event Attendee, Mothers and Daughters Retreat Weekend, 2017

“This retreat was one of the best things we have experienced together! We try to remember to take a breath and pay attention to our tone when trying to get our points across. Although it’s sometimes easy to forget in the heat of the moment, we have been more successful than not in the past year.”
-Weekend Live Event Attendee, Mothers and Daughters Retreat Weekend, 2017