General Marketing

Whiting Mills Studios

Beware of the Dragon at Whiting Mills Studios… And the Weaving. And the Woodworking. Not to mention the wares crafted by the Silversmith, the Quilter, the Artist, the Photographer, the Herbalist, the Jeweler, the Robotists, the Potters, the Musicians, the Writers, etc. They all resided at 100 Whiting Street in Winsted, CT for a weekend for the Holiday Open Studios & Guest Artists Event the first weekend in December.


Coventry High School PTO Holiday Fair

It is amazing how fast people change. The Coventry High School PTO Holiday Fair marked six months since I quit my day job to become a full time author >ooh, shivers<. It was such a treat to see my former students again, and they certainly have matured. One guy shot up so tall, I don’t think I’m…

Walking the Walk

The Ripple Effect Explanation

When a pebble is dropped in calm water, ripples are produced in every direction. If nothing else interferes, the range of the ripples will increase, even though the effect of the pebble diminishes as they go. If a second pebble is dropped, it changes the ripples from the first pebble, amplifying in some areas, reducing in…

Walking the Walk

Science Shorts

Hey, I was here first! I am constantly amazed at the resiliency of plants. When this tree was a sapling, someone put a decorative iron fence around it, most likely to protect it. But, when a tree’s gotta grow, it’s gotta grow. The fence was in its way, so it was engulfed. Now, that’s a…