Awesome Moms Tell Your Tweens + Teens Walking the Walk

When Your Daughter Wants To Look Like Them

When my Italian girlfriend, Marie, married African American Jake, they understood their ethnically blended children could encounter issues, but felt prepared to deal with them. One day Marie showed me a picture of her daughter. In it, 5-year-old Teresa was laughing with a flock of little girls from daycare—a blond girl, a redheaded girl, a…

Awesome Moms Tell Your Tweens + Teens Walking the Walk

Unintentionally Influencing Our Daughters

Our behavior isn’t the only thing our darling daughters imitate. Believe it or not, their self-perception is strongly influenced by our self-perception. We don’t notice them watching us criticize ourselves in the mirror, but that’s how they learn how to look at themselves. The way your daughter feels about herself, and her beauty, starts with…

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Healthy Holiday Recipe Sources

If any holiday events require that you bring something more than napkins (you may remember I’m not a fan of cooking; just a fan of eating), select a recipe you can freeze and make a double recipe of that. That will give you tonight’s dinner, and you will be prepared ahead of time for the event.