Renew! ReEnergize! R&R For Your Resolutions!


A Live Interactive Online Workshop
December 11th
11:00am EST – 4:00pm EST

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Renew and Re-Energize

R&R For Your Resolutions

A Live Interactive OnlineWorkshop
January 15th, 2022
12:00pm EST – 1:30pm EST

What if you could stack the deck in your favor when it comes to keeping your New Year’s Resolutions?
What if the positive effects from your success inspired your friends and family?

Here you are again… at the beginning of a brand new year. What kind of New Year’s Promises did you make to yourself?

  • To Get Your Happy On?
  • To Improve an Important Aspect of Your Life?
  • To Lose Weight, Get Fit, or Take Back Control of Your Life?
  • To Spend More Time with Your Family?
  • To Achieve New Work Goals?

Have you been keeping your resolutions, or have you already slipped back into your old habits? You’re not alone, but Deborah Ann Davis can help you.

To help you stick with your resolutions and personal goals, you’re invited to our unique interactive workshop on Saturday, January 15th at 12:00pm EST… 2-days before National Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day… and just in time to give you the boost you need to follow through on those promises you made to yourself on January 1st.

Spend an eye-opening 90-minutes live with award-winning author and transformational speaker, Deborah Ann Davis. Get the supportive boost you need– right at the time when motivation typically wanes. Join us for Renew and Re-Energize: R&R For Your Resolutions! on zoom.



Gain the confidence you need to improve your outlook and transform your life. You have the capability to make the change, so get the support you need to do it.

Attendees will…

  • Understand the connection between Resolutions and Lifestyle Change
  • Design smarter SMART Goals
  • Learn how to convert your general intentions into a positive focused habit
  • Create a plan of action designed to keep you on track 

…all from the comfort of your home!  Plus, you will receive:

  • A Course Workbook
  • An Action Plan Template
  • Membership in a Private Facebook Group
  • Plus Much, Much More

If you want tomorrow to be different, you have to do something different today! Join Deborah Ann Davis, award-winning author and speaker, for this unique Live Online Interactive Workshop that will change the way you look at resolutions forever! Learn to actively protect your happiness, and transform your life in the process.

You have 2 choices. You can either transform your good intentions into reality… or you can maintain the same-old-same-old.

We vote for the first one (no big surprise there). 

Go for the change! Register here to receive the zoom link.


Ask yourself this: What aspect of your life would you like to live differently by January 2023? Self-transformation doesn’t happen until you take the first step.

Why look back on another year with regrets about failed resolutions? Don’t you think it’s about time you start living the life you want? Wouldn’t it be great to look back on 2022 and say, “This was my best year ever!

Deborah Ann Davis can show you how.

Register here to begin your journey! 

Join award-winning author and motivational speaker Deborah Ann Davis live for her unique interactive online workshop

Renew and Re-Energize: R&R For Your Resolutions!

Excited? You should be.

You’re about to rev up your life!  .

(Too busy on January 15? Upgrade to a VIP pass, which includes a 30-Day Access to the replay so you can watch the workshop at your leisure!)



Award-winning author, speaker and trainer, Deborah Ann Davis, the founder (and also a member) of the Awesome Mom Tribe, helps foster positive and healthy relationships within in families… and within yourself. A middle/high school science teacher of three decades, Deborah has helped countless families navigate the tumultuous, angst-filled teen years by applying goal-setting and accountability (yes, you can actually enjoy the teen years, instead of dreading them), and now she’s taking the show on the road, so to speak.

Contact us if you’d like to work with Ms. Davis, or would like her to come speak to your organization. Meanwhile, check out her books How To Get Your Happy On  and How To Keep Your Daughter From Slamming the Door.

B.S., M.Ed., W.I.T.S., Happiness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer.


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