Talk About Teens: Deborah’s Mini Course


Talk About Teens: Deborah’s Mini Course is a series of four classes from Parenting Expert Deborah Ann Davis on how to navigate parenting teens.

How would you like to…

•  Bridge the gap in your parent-child relationship

•  Feel closer to your kids than ever

•  Reduce the anxiety and stress in your family

•  Feel empowered with proven strategies

•  Reduce the pressures on your kids

Plus, you can…

  • Watch more than 2.5 hours of impactful content in four separate classes
  • Follow at your own pace
  • View on any device
  • Implement your favorite tools today

And you get…

  • Strategies that minimize your kid’s school anxiety
  • Tools for talking to teens
  • Tips on handling Report Cards properly
  • Techniques for The Difficult Conversations
  • Methods for advocating for your kid at school

Class 1: How To Maximize Learning Styles

Learning Styles are so ridiculously unappreciated… and they shouldn’t be!

Your go-to Learning Style is responsible for …

  • the way you take in information
  • the way you process information
  • the way you understand the world
  • the way you conduct relationships
  • the way you teach others what you know.

It’s how you interface with society.

And with your kids.

Class 2: Your Summer Transition to High School

Looking for a way to really connect with your tween or teen over the summer? It just so happens that I have a dozen or so ideas, and I share them in the second installment of Talk About Teens. You’ll learn how to:

  • productively revisit how the school year ended
  • maintain a positive perspective
  • handle the Negotiables and the Non-Negotiables with your kids
  • create fun around summer learning and reading

Class 3: How To Rock Back-To-School for Underclassmen

What is your Back-To-School routine? Does it include shopping for school supplies and uniforms? Does it involve searching for sports training and game schedules? Does it revolve around orienting your child to a new school, or trying to reduce his or her anxiety?

How would you like some help with the Back-To-School prep so you can streamline the process?

Learn How To:

  • Hold The Difficult Conversations
  • Look Back and Analyze Last Year Objectively, Without Criticism
  • Look Forward and Start With A Clean Slate
  • Navigate New School, New School Year, and Old Rules
  • Optimize Scheduling And Calendars for School and Family

Class 4: Report Cards as Snapshots

The purpose of a Report Card is to give you a snapshot of your teen’s progress… NOT to define who he or she is as a person.

Nor does it define you as a parent.

In the right hands, Report Cards are a powerful teaching tool. Learn how to make YOURS the right hands by:

  • Getting a 3-Prong Mindset
  • Properly data-mining Report Cards for information to help your teenager succeed
  • Removing guilt, blame and negative self-talk from your kids… and from you


This mini-course is part of a larger series that includes two other experts in the field, Elisabeth Stitt and Clarissa Constantine. If you are interested in purchasing the entire series, click here.