Talk About Teens Series


Minimize School Anxiety

How to Talk to Teens

Report Cards as Tools

Techniques for “The Difficult Conversations”

How to Advocate for Your Kid at School

Talk About Teens Mini Course is a four-class series from Parenting Expert Deborah Ann Davis on how to navigate parenting teens.

How would you like to…

•  Bridge the Gap in Your Parent-Child Relationship

•  Feel Closer to Your Kids Than Ever

•  Reduce the Anxiety and Stress in Your Family

•  Feel Empowered with Proven Strategies

•  Reduce the Pressures on Your Kids

Plus, you can…

•  Watch more than 2.5 hours of impactful content in four separate classes.

•  Follow at your own pace.

•  View on any device.

•  Implement your favorite tools today!

And you get…

•  Strategies That Minimize Your Kid’s School Anxiety

•  Tools for Talking to Teens

•  Tips on Handling Report Cards Properly

•  Techniques for “The Difficult Conversations”

•  Methods for Advocating for Your Kid at School

Class 1: How To Maximize Learning Styles

Learning Styles are so ridiculously unappreciated… and they shouldn’t be!

Your go-to Learning Style is responsible for the way you …

•  Take in Information

•  Process Information

 Understand the World

•  Conduct Relationships

•  Teach Others What You Know.

It’s how you interface with society… and, with your kids.

Class 2: Your Summer Transition to High School

Looking for a way to really connect with your tween or teen over the summer? It just so happens that I have a dozen or so ideas, and I share them in the second installment of Talk About Teens. You’ll learn how to:

•  Productively Revisit How the School Year Ended

•  Maintain a Positive Perspective

•  Handle the Negotiables and the Non-Negotiables with Your Kids

•  Create Fun Around Summer Learning and Reading

Class 3: How To Rock Back-To-School for Underclassmen

What is your Back-To-School Routine? Does it include shopping for school supplies and uniforms? Does it involve searching for sports training and game schedules? Does it revolve around orienting your child to a new school, or trying to reduce his or her anxiety?

How would you like some help with the Back-To-School prep so you can streamline the process?

Learn How To:

•  Hold “The Difficult Conversations”

•  Look Back and Analyze Last Year Objectively, Without Criticism

•  Look Forward and Start With A Clean Slate

•  Navigate New School, New School Year, and Old Rules

•  Optimize Scheduling And Calendars for School and Family

Class 4: Report Cards as Snapshots

The purpose of a Report Card is to give you a snapshot of your teen’s progress… NOT to define who he or she is as a person.

Nor does it define you as a parent.

In the right hands, Report Cards are a powerful teaching tool. Learn how to make your hands the right hands by:

•  Getting a 3-Prong Mindset

•  Properly Data-Mining Report Cards for Information to Help Your Teenager Succeed

•  Removing Guilt, Blame and Negative Self-Talk From Your Kids… and From You

This mini-course is part of a larger series that includes two other experts in the field, Elisabeth Stitt and Clarissa Constantine. If you are interested in purchasing the entire series, click here.