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Unintentionally Influencing Our Daughters

Our behavior isn’t the only thing our darling daughters imitate. Believe it or not, their self-perception is strongly influenced by our self-perception. We don’t notice them watching us criticize ourselves in the mirror, but that’s how they learn how to look at themselves. The way your daughter feels about herself, and her beauty, starts with…

Awesome Moms Walking the Walk

Stuff In A Pot

Stuff In A Pot is a great way to stretch the budget. The addition of veggies reduces the cost per serving of the meat. One pound of ground meat will now produce 10 flavorful servings. All of the fresh and frozen ingredients are free of additives and harmful chemical compound found in processed foods. And, you can stretch it further if you serve it over organic rice or gluten-free organic pasta.

Awesome Moms

Perfect Timing

Right before her wedding, my advice to the couple had been for the both of them to take a personality test to identify their differences, and then identify strategies for relating despite them. It had worked wonders for my marriage, and I wanted that type of happiness for the newlyweds.