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May’s Parenting Strategies

Mother’s Day Month ends today, so I’m going to use this post to share links to what we did. There’s a lot of helpful info contained here, so you bookmark this post so you can come back and watch when you have time. Also, the longer videos are time-stamped so you can go directly to…

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Stuff In A Pot

Stuff In A Pot is a great way to stretch the budget. The addition of veggies reduces the cost per serving of the meat. One pound of ground meat will now produce 10 flavorful servings. All of the fresh and frozen ingredients are free of additives and harmful chemical compound found in processed foods. And, you can stretch it further if you serve it over organic rice or gluten-free organic pasta.

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I Appreciate You

My inbox is loaded with so many messages with the word “Thankful” in the subject line that I mentally brush them off. I get that it’s important to jump on the bandwagon during the season of buying, but it gets a little redundant.
That’s why I took note of an email entitled “I appreciate YOU!” It stood out from the crowd, but more importantly, it sent me right down Memory Lane and made me laugh aloud. Here’s why.