The Venn Diagram

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How To Keep Your Daughter From Slamming the Door.
Below is a downloadable Venn Diagram, one of the documents that accompany the book.
Print it out for you and your daughter, and follow the directions.

Thank You For Getting the Book! ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

The Valuable Venn Diagram has awesome power… in the right hands. This tool reveals the magical world of Common Ground between you and your daughter. No longer will you need to butt heads. Choices will be made based on common likes and dislikes, and everyone walks away feeling heard and satisfied.

1. Introduce the venerable Venn Diagram at some random moment when nothing hangs in the balance.
2. Inform your daughter that you are attempting to improve the relationship between you, and as part of that process, when she has time, you’d to share an idea with her.
3. Bring pen and paper, and a copy of the Venn Diagram with you.
4. To create a collaborative atmosphere, sit next to her, not across from her.
5. Pick a topic (favorite movies, songs, moments, ways to have fun, etc.) to practice.
6. Each of you makes your own Top 10 List separately.
7. Fill in the Venn Diagram.
–> 1 circle is for your favorites.
–> 1 circle is for her favorites.
–> Everything that appears on both of your lists goes into the intersection of the 2 circles.

The intersection of your favorites where the magic happens. That common ground is what you agree on. Go to How To Keep Your Daughter From Slamming the Door to find out more.

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