Bonus Gift: Weekly Parenting Chart

I hope you’re enjoying
How To Keep Your Daughter From Slamming the Door.
Below is a downloadable Weekly Parenting Chart, one of your Thank You Gifts.
Print it out for you and your family, and follow the directions.

Thank You For Getting the Book! ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

The Weekly Parenting Chart is all about emphasizing the little things that we take for granted. By bringing them to the forefront, you create extra family moments of pleasure and happiness. What family couldn’t use a little more happiness?

To get some added oomph from this Weekly Parenting Chart:

– Create a chart that includes things your kids do that shows their love. Put it into their bedroom and check off their demonstrations as you kiss them goodnight.
– Create a Love Jar where you drop money instead of checking off a chart. Use the money for a family treat (a trip, sundaes, buying a puzzle or board game, etc.)
– Keep a journal where, before bed, your child lists all the ways she showed you love that day. You may be surprised by the loving gestures you may have missed. When she’s done, list 3 ways you showed her love today. What a wonderful keepsake!

You get the idea…

1. Inform your daughter that you are attempting to improve the relationship between you, and as part of that process, when she has time, you’d to share an idea with her.
2. Introduce the Weekly Parenting Chart at a neutral time, like over dinner.
3. Try it for a week, and then ask your family which things you do that show them that you love them.
4. Create a new chart with those things included.

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