Work Smarter, Not Harder: Rocking Your Final Exams

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Rocking Your Final Exams
Part 1

If you are a teenager, your thoughts need to turn towards your Final Exams Prep…Again. Yes, I know April just ended, but it’s time, and who doesn’t love a good strategy for ending the school year strong? (Hey parents, you need to share this article with your kids. You might be able to avert most of that End-Of-The-Year-Stress.)

About that yucky feeling you get in the pit of your stomach at the mere mention of your final exams…Here’s a way to minimize it.

Get Organized! 

And this is where you start:

  • Review your notes. For some of you, this might mean finding them.
  • Spend an extra 15 minutes every night going through your notebooks.
  • Highlight or put a sticky note on anything you don’t understand.
  • Secure any loose pages.
  • Put your notes in order.
  • Figure out what’s missing, and get copies of the missing work from your classmates.

If you do this, you will:

  1. know where everything is when your teachers hands out the Study Guides.
  2. have enough time to gather missing notes for your final exams.
  3. compile the confusing content and can now bring your questions to your teacher way before exam week.
  4. avoid cramming for exams.
  5. sidestep Last-Exam-Burn-Out, which is what happens when you try to study during the same week in which the exams are happening.
  6. be reviewing your notes daily, which counts as studying. Here’s a little Math equation for you:

(15 minutes studying/day)  x  (5 days a week)
=  1¼ hours of exam prep a week

If your final exams are in June, that’s over 5 hours of study time, calmly spread out over five weeks.

Smart isn’t what you are. Smart is what you do. Do the smart thing and prepare early for your exams.

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