Love of Fairs

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characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits. “her sense of humor was decidedly quirky”;   synonyms: eccentric, idiosyncratic, unconventional, unorthodox, unusual, strange, bizarre, peculiar, odd, outlandish, zany;   informal: wacky, freaky, kinky, way-out, far out, kooky, offbeat “her quirky outfits”
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 Will you enjoy my books?

Of course you will!

10 Facts I Know About You:

  • 1   You are reading this.
  • 2   You can’t say the letter ‘m’ without your lips touching.
  • 3   You just tried it.
  • 4   You’re smiling.
  • 6   You’re laughing or smiling again.
  • 7   You didn’t notice I missed Fact 5.
  • 8   You just checked it.
  • 9   You’re smiling again.
  • 10  You can’t lick your elbow.


Welcome To My World: Upcoming Events

Black Friday Conversation and Book Signing event at Lord & Taylor, Westfarms Mall, Farmington, CT

Looking for a perfect holiday gift at a discount on Black Friday? An autographed book by a local author is the way to go. Join Deborah Ann Davis for a book sale and signing at Lord & Taylor at Westfarms Mall in West Hartford, CT.

Date: November 25, 2016

Time: 5:00am when the doors open until ???



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