Books by Deborah Ann Davis

Are you finding it harder and harder to communicate with her? Is she getting advice from her friends instead of listening to you? Do you find yourself reacting to inevitable situations, instead of planning for them?

Your relationship with your tween/teen girl is the most important female bond in her life. Learn specific strategies you can start using today. Discover how to:

What if you could harness your happiness and use it to positively affect your family and friends? Award-winning author, educator and coach Deborah Ann Davis has gathered everything you need to enhance your happiness, and condensed it into this powerful little book.

Excited? You should be. You’re about to rev up your life!

The Power 0f Your Inner Brilliance Anthology

Eight women have joined forces to share their true life experiences of how they reignited their inner brilliance, to encourage you to brush yourself off and give yourself permission to shine even brighter.

By embracing your self-love, self-worth and inner confidence, these stories serve to remind you that:

Manifested Blessings is a collection of short stories from everyday people who share their manifesting experiences and secrets. Manifested Blessings puts to print their true-life tales, and how they have impacted real-life people.

You’ll find something that will resonate with you, whether it’s a story about physical healing, or finding guidance toward a life purpose, or receiving direction for goals. Use these stories to reveal the manifestations in your own life.

The voices of women who have decided to share MORE of their voice, their stories, their pain, and the wisdom they have gained

Fairly Safe - A Love of Fairs Tale

It’s a rollercoaster adventure when Mistaken Identity collides with Secret Identity!
(YA humorous suspense)

What happens when a Computer Geek challenges a Medieval Outlaw?
(YA Humorous Suspense)