How To Get Your Happy On


Excited? You should be. You’re about to rev up your life…

… 10 simple ways to increase your happiness
… Reorient your outlook towards the positive
… Reframe your inner environment
… Fortify your outer environment
… Conduct a Happiness Experiment


How To Get Your Happy On is a thought-provoking book, offering readers insight on how they can live happier lives. Award winning author, Deborah Ann Davis confessed to once whispering, "Please just let me get through one day where nothing goes wrong." She shares this low point in her life, showing how she distanced herself from the false promises of the advertising world, and learning to live in a world that brought her closer to herself. This interactive workbook helps readers reach a new level of happiness, with exercises of ways the reader can "purposefully and intentionally create a happier self." With her love of writing and teaching, this author shows how even small changes can have a huge impact on their lives.

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Parenting Coach for the teen years

About the author

B.S., M.Ed., W.I.T.S.

Deborah Ann Davis is an award-winning author, speaker, and coach with over three decades of experience in middle and high school education. As a teacher, Deborah has helped countless families replace the pain typical of the tween and teenage years, with fostering positive and healthy relationships, despite adolescent angst.

Founder of The Awesome Mom Tribe, and a mother herself, Deborah now applies her experience in education to Coaching Parenting Skills. Armed with a sense of humor, a B.S. in Education from University of Massachusetts, and a M.Ed. in Supervision from Emory University, she provides guidance and encouragement for moms to help them foster positive and healthy relationships within their families.  

Deborah’s previous titles include How to Get Your Happy On and the Love of Fairs series.

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What if you could harness your happiness and use it to positively affect your family and friends? Award-winning author, educator and coach Deborah Ann Davis has gathered everything you need to enhance your happiness, and condensed it into this powerful little book.

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