Deborah Ann Davis

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Deborah Ann Davis, parenting coach and mentor

Deborah Ann Davis is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, life coach, and parenting strategist. She delivers high-energy presentations that challenge audiences to leverage their strengths and unleash their untapped capabilities.

With over ten years of engaging audiences, a knack for making meaningful connections with participants, and an insatiable appetite for helping others maximize their potential, Deborah Ann Davis knows how to rock a platform, connect with a crowd and provide training that others can effectively execute.

Deborah Ann Davis engages groups from the moment she steps in front of them, leaving them inspired… and with powerful tools they will use long after the event comes to a close. 

With a strong background in Education and Health, her career encompasses several arenas, including conducting interactive workshops and live events, teaching, coaching, and speaking. Deborah Ann Davis mentors with passion, guiding her clients to effectively strengthen and elevate their situation to new, more effective, heights.

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“Through working with Deborah, I developed a greater sense of self-worth- Not just for myself, but in recognizing that to value myself is to support my loved ones who value me.”

B.H., Workshop Attendee

“You are in your element, very professional, and I must say that is very inspiring.”

—Nadège C., Workshop Attendee

“Specifically, I have been practicing a lot of the therapeutic practices she had shared in her workshop on a regular basis and I am noticing a HUGE improvement in my mental health as well as productivity and outreach.”

Brittany H., Workshop Attendee

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