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Mother-Daughter Relationships And The Holidays 

 Enhance Your Level Of Happiness

Seek Happiness To Improve Your Professional Life And Personal Life Hi, I’m Deborah Ann Davis. As an award-winning author, a coach, and an educator, I’ve dedicated myself to helping others. Now, I’d like to help you, too. Do you find yourself feeling less happy than you’d like to feel? Do ...
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Get Your Happy On This Year 

Are You Ready To Increase Your Happiness In The New Year? A new year is a new beginning – a chance to do things differently, a chance to improve, a chance to become more satisfied with your life. As you begin your 2022 journey, ask yourself – am I happy? ...
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How To Track Progress (part 3)

There are so many ways to approach building a new positive habit, however the key component of success is SELF-FORGIVENESS. It's a rare situation where one decides to make a change, and SHAZAAM! the change is permanently made. Most of us tend to revert to our old comfortable habits - ...
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lifestyle and habits

How To Track Progress (part 2)

New Habit = Lifestyle Change Is there some aspect of your lifestyle that you'd like to tweak? Typically, as you grow and mature, your view of life, and how you fit into it, changes as your circumstances change. THAT'S NORMAL! If you'd like to see some improvements to your life, ...
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Disconnected Girl

Close the Gap Between You and Your Daughter

That Was Then... This Is Now Remember when your relationship with your daughter was all hugs and giggles? Is it still that way, or has a vast gap been growing between you and your precious girl? Are you unsure how to handle the eye-rolling and door-slamming behaviors that seem to ...
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Parenting During the Holidays

A Smoother Holiday Season with Parent Coaching 

Merry Meddling, and Happy Holidays to ALL You Awesome Moms Out There As Deborah Ann Davis - Meddling Mom, I’d like to wish Merry Meddling and a Happy Holiday Season to all of you! I'd also like to invite you to take a deep breath, step back, and let it ...
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100 Mile Challenge

How To Track Progress (part 1)

Visuals To Help You Track Your Progress A new beginning can mean a Rebooted You. We all think about it as one year comes to a close, and another unfolds before us. What would you like to change? You do realize, of course, that actually forming a new habit is ...
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Coaching Mother and Daughter Relationships

Connect To Your Daughter With Parent Coaching

Are You Having Trouble Connecting With Your Daughter? Mothers, do you feel disconnected from your daughters? Do you feel like her closed bedroom door is an insurmountable barrier between the two of you? Do you worry that you’ll never be able to improve your mother-daughter relationship? The good news is ...
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 Parent Coaching Gives You New Parenting Tools 

Embrace Being An Awesome Mom Through Parent Coaching Mothers, do you find yourself worrying that you’re failing your daughter if you aren’t a perfect mom? Do you worry you can’t improve your mother-daughter relationship? Do you wonder if your daughter even wants a good mother-daughter relationship with you? You aren’t ...
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