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Teenage Tantrums? Venn Diagrams to the Rescue

Not all teenage girls fly off the handle, or blow things out of proportion. But Mom, if you happen to be living with your very own human rollercoaster, it can be very difficult to find resolution for many topics, and especially the more volatile subjects. Deborah’s Sage Parent Coaching Advice… ...
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Ways to Parent with the Venn Diagram

“What if my teenage daughter and I don’t get along? What if it seems like every time I approach her, she gets moody or sullen, or we end up arguing? How can I improve our relationship?”Glad you asked! Deborah’s Sage Parent Coaching Advice… Welcome to the Versatile Venn Diagram, that ...
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How Did I Get Here?*

The Unexpected Journey From Teacher to Author My mom says I’m the only person she knows who likes to pull up her roots and move. Born in Kentucky, raised in Connecticut, educated in Massachusetts and Georgia, life was good. And then, just to put icing on a gluten-free cake, out ...
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Mothers Day In October 

Mothers, Isn’t It Time You Took a Day Off? The world values time off, as evidenced by the three-day weekend. Everyone knows you can't work continuously without a break, at least, not without breaking down. So, Mothers, answer honestly – when was the last time you took some time for ...
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Is Parent Coaching For Me? 

Make the Most of Your Efforts To Improve Your Mother-Daughter Relationship As a mother, you may feel distance growing between yourself and your daughter as she enters into her teenage years. Perhaps your daughter seems sad. Maybe she’s snarky and has an attitude. Possibly you struggle to get her to ...
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How To Touch on Touchy Subjects with Your Kids

How To Touch on Touchy Subjects with Your Kids School is starting again! All across the country moms are leaping for joy (after they lovingly usher their cherubs out the door, of course). With all your preparation for the new beginning, have you also prepared for the changes the new ...
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Moms, Do You Need Some Time Off? 

When Was The Last Time You Had A Day Off, Moms? Mothers often feel they have to be “on the job” all the time. Unlike a normal job, there are no sick days and no weekends off. Mothers often don’t even take breaks when the rest of their family does ...
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Moms Need Guilt-Free “Me Time” 

Moms, Do You Know How To Take “Me Time” Without Feeling Guilty? Being a mom is perhaps the busiest job you can have. As a mom, you’re always on standby – always ready to step in and step up, always ready when you’re needed. After all, you have to be ...
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Unsolicited Advice for Moms of Freshmen

Don’t you just love freshmen? They’re one of my favorite groups of students- a marvelous blend of big kid psyche and little kid sass, of sophistication and naiveté, of brilliance and idiocy. I taught them science for years, watching them morph from September until June. I can say, without a ...
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