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Parenting Coaching

Your Tweens and Teenagers Need a Mid-Year Plan Now!

It's mid-year in the school year. Whether your kids are rocking the school year, or getting ready to give up, it's time to take a look at how they're going to handle the second half of the year. Even successful students need to revisit how the year is going to ...
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Choice: Your Parental Superpower… or… How to Reduce Your Conflicts with Tweens and Teenagers

Do you have an effective way to approach your child when he or she is upset? Or, do your loving attempts result in your cherub blowing up at you, triggering your own angry reaction? Sometimes a parent approaches me with an issue that just happens to perfectly match an interview ...
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Advice for Awesome Moms: Talking With Your Kids Matters Even More

How are your kids doing in school this year? Our vulnerable student population needs so much more support right now, more than any other time in our lifetime. Many of their families have undergone traumatic events (loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, illness), that have fueled stress, conflict, and, ...
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Beauty and the Beast, a Great Holiday, and She-Hulk

What do Christmas, Beauty and the Beast, and She-Hulk all have in common? It’s the holiday season, so my family is doing the holiday thing by enjoying the warm California sunshine (as opposed to basking in Connecticut’s 26 degrees). More importantly, The Cherub is with us once again. I can’t ...
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Conversation Starters for Awesome Moms

The kids are going to be home for the holiday break! Does that statement make you cry out, "Hooray!" or does it just make you want to cry? Having the kids home disrupts your routine, and it disrupts theirs. In addition, just a couple of years ago coming home from ...
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Tired Teens

Advice for Awesome Moms of Tired Teens

Are your kids lethargic? Unmotivated? Uninspired? Are your tired teens emotionally committed to some electronic device? Are their muscles small and their bellies big? Are energy and enthusiasm forgotten habits of the past? Let's change that, shall we? An Awesome Mom’s Question Dear Deborah, First our school system decided it ...
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Parenting Strategies -Support Team

Advice on Being an Awesome Mom During Holidays

What does your To Do List look like for you today? Specifically, how far down the list is Maintain Good Mental Health? Gee, Mom, did you forget to put it on your list? Oh, wait. Maybe you missed the memo telling you that, not only should maintaining good mental health ...
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The sun comes through a snowy tree landscape

Advice for Stressed-Out Awesome Moms

Motherhood can be pretty stressful. (Well, duh!) A great strategy to combat the endless stress is to create a routine that acts as your go-to mini stress-disrupter. Call upon it when your gut tightens, or your jaw clenches, or when that inappropriate holler is trying to get out. An Awesome ...
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Advice for Awesome Moms Anticipating 2023

2023 is coming, Moms!!!! Get Ahead of It This Time! 2023 is coming (whether you're ready for it, or not). There will be so much to celebrate! The days will be getting longer! You will have survived the pandemic again! Spring will be right around the corner! Best of all, ...
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