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Happy Earth Day! 10 Easy Ways to Conserve Water

Happy Earth Day! Save Water for the Planet Want a Great Conversation Starter for engaging your Littles, Middles, and Teens? Be a Planet Hero! Share these ideas with your kids, and turn them into Planet Heroes, too! According to Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, if you shorten your shower by ONE ...
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Boost Your Relationship with Earth Day 2022

If you didn't get to capitalize on last month's Earth Hour, you still have time to take advantage of April's Earth Day 2022 and Earth Week 2022. I'm telling you, they make for great Conversation Starters. Do you remember the days when the air was so polluted, it settled like ...
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10 Trust-Building Activities for Moms

The more positive interactions you have with your children, the more comfortable they will feel around you. That opens a very important door between you in times of stress. They need to feel that coming to you when they have a problem is a Good Idea. That's the trust every ...
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What Happens When the Lights Go Out?

The Family Electric Bill Has your electric bill been high this winter? Mine has. Did you know electricity is measured in kilowatt-hours, or 1000 watts of power sustained over one hour? To put it into perspective, that's the equivalent of a 40 watt light bulb burning for 25 hours, or ...
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10 Great Earth Hour Ideas 2022

What are you doing March 26 at 8:30pm? That’s Earth Hour, you know, the event when the world shuts off the non-essentials for an hour in statement of solidarity in support of our planet. When we lived in a house, we simply shut off the entire building. An hour was ...
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Earth Hour 2022: When Good Kids Go Dark

Looking for a positive way to interact with your kids that encompasses a Teachable Moment? (Of course you are!) Every year, Earth Hour is held 20:30-21:30 hours (8:30-9:30 p.m.) in your time zone on the last Saturday of March. This year it will be March 26. This symbolic day is ...
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My Personal History with Black History Month

February 1981 was an interesting month. I was smack in the middle of my very first year as a teacher, during my very first time living in the deep south in the beautiful state of Georgia, listening to my faculty’s arrangements with my mouth hanging open. My school was preparing ...
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How To Track Progress (part 3)

There are so many ways to approach building a new positive habit, however the key component of success is SELF-FORGIVENESS. It's a rare situation where one decides to make a change, and SHAZAAM! the change is permanently made. Most of us tend to revert to our old comfortable habits - ...
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The Next Year Of Your Mother-Daughter Relationship 

Has This Past Year Been a Struggle for Your Mother-Daughter Relationship? It's reflection time, people... clear-headed, objective reflection, void of self-blame or criticism. Objectively speaking, did the number of times you and your daughter clashed increase last year? I hope you're not trying to figure out who's at fault. If ...
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