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Forget Big Brother… The Cherub Is Watching

Forget Big Brother… The Cherub Is WatchingZZZING! Somewhere in the bowels of my purse, my silenced phone vibrated. I stopped my shopping cart to see who it was. Cherub Text: Remember we were going to talk this morning? ? Oops. I tucked the phone back into the bag, grabbed something ...

5 Tips for Newbie Writers

5 Tips for Newbie Writers I love it when people reach out to connect personally. Sometimes they ask me about a specific issue with their daughter, and sometimes they ask about aspects of my writing career. I thought I share one of the latter with you. You may find this ...

My Favorite Tattoo

My Favorite Tattoo Today I saw my new favorite tattoo. It was on the upper arm of a handsome muscular young man. To be honest, in general, I am not a fan of tattoos. That’s due to an article I read years ago about how the tattoo industry wasn’t regulated ...
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