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Talk About Teens (Part 2): Make Summer Count

Talk About Teens (Part 2): Make Summer Count Your Summer Transition to High School Looking for a way to really connect with your tween or teen over the summer? It just so happens that I have a dozen or so ideas, and I share them in the second installment of ...
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6 Steps For Improving Your Relationship With Your Daughter

The relationship with her mother is the most important female bond in a daughter’s life. She needs it because children are too heavily influenced by media and young friends, especially if their relationship with their parents is strained or volatile. They need you to provide balance with the world.your relationship ...
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Talk About Teens (Part 1): Let’s Talk Teens

Talk About Teens (Part 1): Let's Talk Teens How To Maximize Learning Styles Learning Styles are so ridiculously unappreciated… and they shouldn’t be! Your go-to Learning Style is responsible for … the way you take in informationthe way you process informationthe way you understand the worldthe way you conduct relationshipsthe ...
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To Compare, Or Not To Compare… That’s the Academic Question

Children are wondrous Works-In-Progress. The way they grow and develop is nothing short of a miracle. The biggest error we make, and the gravest injustice to our kids, is to compare them to others. We all do it. We can’t help ourselves because that’s the way we were raised. We ...
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How To Help Your Kids Cope With Reality

*Shared with permission from "First Time Parent Magazine. PDF DownloadDownload ...
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30 Ways To Make Your Kid Smarter

What kind of future do you envision for that preschooler who is trying to get you to taste a mud pie? Chef? Entrepreneur? Scholar? I hope you’re not waiting to see how smart your well-meaning mini-me is, because that’s not how it works. Smart isn’t what you are. Smart is ...
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Making Wonderful Holiday Memories During a Not-So-Wonderful Time- Part 3

NO APOLOGIES!  Don’t feel guilty about not buying the toys being glorified by advertisements. The purpose of giving is about conveying love. Advertising narrows our perception about what conveys that love, and creates inappropriate guilt in us for not showing love the way they want us to show love. Forget ...
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Making Wonderful Holiday Memories During a Not-So-Wonderful Time- Part 2

Welcome to the Season of Mixed Blessings! A time when the relief of not having a full house for the holidays is mixed with missing the love and energy family brings. A time when the reduction of income because of the pandemic is offset by not being able to go ...
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Making Wonderful Holiday Memories During a Not-So-Wonderful Time- Part 1

Happy Holidays!!! Be of Good Cheer! In this year of drastic changes, here’s how to pivot your holiday for the better. Be proactive, and your family will follow. Start by alleviating your children’s fears during these unsettling times. Say this: “Things are changing, and we’re going to change right along ...
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