Parenting Advice for Awesome Moms Anticipating 2023

2023 is coming, Moms!!!!

Get Ahead of It This Time!

2023 is coming (whether you’re ready for it, or not). There will be so much to celebrate!

  • The days will be getting longer!
  • You will have survived the pandemic again!
  • Spring will be right around the corner!

Best of all, the energy of new beginnings from all around the world will be surrounding you and your family, just waiting for you to take advantage of it!

An Awesome Mom’s Question

Dear Deborah,

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been motivated to improve how I interact with my kids, or how I want to get healthier foods in the house, or how I make some household rule, and then forget to follow through. I’m pretty sure my kids don’t believe me when I tell them things are going to change. I can’t even follow through with my New Year’s resolutions! How do I make changes stick?

Awesome Advice for Moms Anticipating 2023

All the changes you mentioned have one big obstacle in common… your previous habits. All my clients have the same issue. Whether you are changing your habits or your rules, you’re are talking about lifestyle changes. That means starting and stopping and starting and stopping and starting and stopping and…

Eventually, the times when you are implementing the change become longer than the times you slip into your old habit. That’s when your lifestyle begins to change.

New Year’s Resolutions are the perfect time to start (which is why we’re talking about it early). The world’s society recognizes and is inspired by the reset of the yearly calendar. The coolest part is that you can ride that planetary wave of hope, and you can bring your kids along with you. All you have to do is (drumroll, please) think about it.

That’s right. Think about that big blanket of worldwide anticipation gently and lovingly enveloping you. Picture its positive energy seeping into your soul. Close your eyes and bring that hopefulness to the forefront of your being. Then…


That’s right. Bask in all that hope, anticipation, faith, and optimism, and make it your own. Go ahead. Do it now. I know it’s early, but do it right now. Close your eyes and go for it.

>pause for the cause<

Practice makes perfect. Start imaging what it will be like now. If you do, by the time January 1st rolls around, you’ll be able to tap into that wide-reaching energy right away.

New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

Once you’ve raised your overall enthusiasm level, ask yourself this:

What new aspect of your life would you like to see added by January 2024?

Yeah, yeah, I know New Year’s Day (and its resolutions) are a month away, but so what? Name something you’re good at that you didn’t prepare for. If you want your resolutions to have a fighting chance, start figuring them out now.

Besides, you’re a mother. That means you’re always busy with family planning and childcare. Your best chance is to sneak a little planning time in here and there, so when 1/1/23 arrives, you’ll be the parent who’s ready.

What Moms Need for New Year’s Resolutions

Where do you start? Right here. Right now. Find a place to take some notes, and let’s do this.

First step, of course, is to identify what you want to change/improve. Be S.M.A.R.T. about it by being as specific as possible.

  • Do you need equipment?
  • Should you set aside time?
  • Is another person necessary?

After that, it’s your basic Who-What-When-Where-Why-How considerations. (By the way, I have a few blog posts on how to stick to your resolutions, and how to turn good intentions into actions. Send me an email if you want to access them.

As I see it, you have two choices. You can either transform your good intentions into reality… or you can maintain the same-old-same-old. (Spoiler Alert: I vote for the first one!)

Preparing Your Kids for Their New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions are promises you make to yourself, and then try to keep, despite the influences of old habits.

  • Are you looking for a way to talk to your teens? Start chatting over dinner about how you’re going to keep your resolutions this year, and invite them to think about changes they’d like to see in their lives.
  • Would you like a conversation topic for your middle schoolers? Talk about making resolutions for hobbies/school while you’re folding laundry together.
  • Do you want to teach your little kids about making and keeping their resolutions? Introduce the concept of keeping a promise to yourself while you’re coloring together.

It’s easy! Share with them the concept of harnessing the existing energy that will be generated by the global restart when 2023 arrives. Then, plan to surf that planetary wave of hope with your children.

Your middle schoolers and teenagers also have two choices. They can either transform their good intentions into reality… or they can maintain the same-old-same-old. (Spoiler Alert: I still vote for the first one!) The former requires preparation, so the time to teach your tweens and teens is now.

Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever love, so here’s to thinking ahead! May you and your children look back on 2023 and proclaim, “This was the best year ever!” (so far)

Happy 2023! (a little early)


PS If you want tomorrow to be different, you have to do something different today.  😉

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