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Hey, I was here first!

I am constantly amazed at the resiliency of plants.

When this tree was a sapling, someone put a decorative iron fence around it, most likely to protect it.

But, when a tree’s gotta grow, it’s gotta grow.

The fence was in its way, so it was engulfed.

Now, that’s a diet high in iron!

That’s kind of the way your teeth migrate around in your mouth when you have braces. Just like it won’t work to shove your teeth where you want them,  it doesn’t work to shove the tree around the fence. It has to happen gradually, over time. No instant gratification here.

Small changes lead to big changes.             Good things come to those who wait.

 Here’s a few Science Shorts. If you want your kids to be ready to take over the world, they need to know about it, so please share with them. Take your pick.

Multi-tasking in the Field

Check out these solar panels from a vineyard similar to the ones I saw while I was in Colchester, CT.

In the Northeast, shorter winter days prevent solar panels from being as beneficial as they are in other geographic locations.

So what?

Go get some solar panels, put them on your roof, or in your yard, and shave off your electrical draw from the grid. When you display your intentions to champion the environment by investing in solar panels, you create a Ripple Effect. People drive by, see the panels, and start thinking, “Maybe that’s something I should look into.”

You may never see  them, but that doesn’t mean the ripples from your actions aren’t creating a greater impact.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

While most tennis clubs throw out their dead balls, the Glastonbury Tennis Club in Connecticut donates theirs to schools. Doesn’t my classroom look perky?

The chairs move more easily, the noise level is better for everyone concerned, and we are keeping trash out of the landfills.

Plus, it looks so cheerful!

My Ripple Effect was that two other teachers in my school adorned their classroom chairs the same way. Why don’t you see if you can set up something like this in your community?

 Better Air = Better Environment

Listen to Kamal Meattle discuss how they cleaned the air in his office building in India using plants. He tells you what kind, and how many are needed per person to meet their oxygen and clean air needs.

Have family with breathing issues? I’m just saying…

Happy Breathing!

Intelligent Plants? Definitely!

Check out this video on plants playing (at 4:55). It’s a completely different way to view plants.

My humble opinion: Any entity that plays is exhibiting intelligence.

Be intelligent and go out and play. (Then come back, read my blog and buy my books).

NOTE:  You have to be patient with Stefano Mancuso’s accent, but it’s well worth it.

I’m just saying..

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