Introducing the Wiggle Writer

I’m the self-proclaimed heroine of the sedentary, WIGGLE WRITER. I fight the sedentary nature of life behind a computer. Authors, programmers, editors, etc.— we are destined to be lumps of goo sitting behind a keyboard, with only our fingers moving.

Destined, that is, unless we wiggle.

Introducing the Wiggle Writer

My formula for exercise during the summer: Workout 2 hours a day. >WHEW!<
I know what many of you are saying…”Are you kidding me right now? I don’t have 2 hours to give up every day!”
Neither do I, but if I’m going to spend the summer writing, I can’t plan on being sedentary for 2 months.
Besides, there are too many benefits from moving around to ignore. I’ll be listing them in a future post.
Meanwhile, picture the teenagers bouncing out of school on the last day before summer.
Then picture the elderly parked in their wheelchairs in a patch of sunshine in their nursing home.
In which direction do you want to head?

Pick it right now!

You know you can’t afford to compromise your health by ignoring your body’s needs. The people who love you need you to make a good decision.
Okay, enough preaching. Here’s the key to exercising 2 hours a day, straight from my alter ego, Wiggle Writer:


Go for a little walk in the morning before it gets hot. I try to walk and talk with someone I love for about 20 minutes before my day starts. I also try to walk for 30 minutes at dusk in the cool of the evening.
I plan to be at the computer about 8 hours a day, so I set my timer in another room for 30 minute increments.noisy timer
Every time it goes off, I have to get up to shut it off, or it will drive me crazy.
I turn on peppy music, refill my water bottle and do some kind of movement for 5 minutes.
Then, back to work.
5 minutes every half hour amounts to 10 minutes every hour. For an 8 hour day,

That’s 80 minutes!     BOOM BABY!

Try moving around for 4 minutes, and stretching for 1 minute. Your body will love you for it. You won’t get sweaty (unless you want to). You don’t have to change your clothes, or go anywhere. And, you will be more productive.
Say, while you’re thinking about it, why don’t you stand up right now? C’mon, you know you want to.
Now, sit down.
Now, stand up.
Ignore your colleagues’ quizzical looks. They’re heading for the nursing home.
Now sit down, but this time, sit as slowly as you can. Next time you stand up, stand as slowly as you can.

Feel free to add a paranoid look on your face. You’ll freak out the person at the next desk.

If you can’t stand up without holding on to something, you now have your first goal. Build slowly, and add a little bit more every day.
Small changes add up to BIG CHANGES. That’s the Ripple Effect. These five minutes that you stand and sit will affect

  • the production of your feel-good chemicals
  • your muscles
  • your bones
  • your balance
  • your coordination
  • your blood flow
  • your digestion
  • and your pride              …to name a few.

Go ahead, stand up again, and begin the Ripple Effect- small improvements add up.    C’mon, Wiggle with me!  I’m just saying…
What else can you do for 5 minutes of activity?

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  5. It is a great experience ,going through your blog! I am amazed to see how much you have amassed[learned] in a short span. Best wishes.

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