10 Great Earth Hour Ideas for Awesome Parenting

What are you doing March 25 at 8:30pm? That’s Earth Hour, you know, the event when the world shuts off the non-essentials for an hour in statement of solidarity in support of our planet.

When we lived in a house, we simply shut off the entire building. An hour was too short a time to affect our refrigerated food, and we were able to lower our electric bill in the process. A win-win for us and a win-win for our Earth.

Boost Your Parenting By Saving the Planet Together

I try to remind people about Earth Hour every year because it’s a great time for a family activity with your kids, and without the distraction of electronics!

  1. Invite the neighbors over for a campfire.
  2. Play games by candlelight (charades, cards games, board games, trivial pursuit, etc.)
  3. Act out a scene from a favorite Disney movie.
  4. Mold clay sculptures in the dark.
  5. Fill plastic water bottles with water and drop a glow stick in them. Set the plastic bottles up on the lawn for some nighttime bowling.
  6. Get star charts and blankets, and spend the evening identifying constellations and planets.
  7. Read aloud by firelight.
  8. Meet your friends and go for a nighttime hike in the neighborhood.
  9. Hold a Best Joke contest. Come prepared with ten of your funniest, and prepare to laugh.
  10. Attend an evening yoga or tai chi session under the stars.

The possibilities are endless. To find out more, visit https://www.earthhour.org/what-is-earth-hour

How are you going to spend Earth Hour 2023?

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