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In today’s episode, I’m thrilled to be the guest on “Practical Wellness,” hosted by Jaya Jaya Myra. As a parenting coach, former high school educator, and award-winning author, I’m passionate about empowering families to thrive.

Join us as we dive deep into the essential topic of nurturing bonds with your tween or teen daughter. Together, we explore actionable strategies for cultivating a strong and meaningful relationship, identifying and addressing key stressors in her life, and navigating the ups and downs of parenthood.

Drawing from my own journey and expertise, I share insights from my latest book, “How to Keep Your Daughter From Slamming the Door,” where I offer practical guidance for parents seeking to strengthen their connections with their daughters.

We’ll also discuss the often-overlooked impact of diets on both parents and daughters, shedding light on how our eating habits can influence family dynamics.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of deeper connection and holistic wellness within your family, this episode is for you. Tune in to “Practical Wellness” to discover actionable tips and heartfelt wisdom that will transform your parent-daughter relationship. And for more resources from me, Deborah Ann Davis, visit my website at or find my book here. Let’s embark on this journey of wellness together!

Season 1, Episode 35 – Special Guest Deborah Ann Davis

Gain insights, strategies, and practical tips for nurturing lasting connections while embracing wellness.

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1:11 Stop Dreading the Teenage Years
3:25 Stress Symptoms vs. Food Additives
8:55 What Parents Can Change Right Now

As the guest on “Practical Wellness,” I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to share insights and strategies for cultivating deeper connections with tween and teen daughters. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience to discuss the importance of reconnecting with our daughters, identifying key stressors, and embracing holistic wellness within the family dynamic. I hope that our conversation has left you feeling empowered and inspired to prioritize your parent-daughter relationship. Remember, every small effort we make towards fostering understanding and support lays the foundation for a lifetime of love and connection. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and here’s to embracing wellness in every aspect of our lives!

You definitely got this, Awesome Mom!
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About the Author

Deborah Ann Davis (B.S. in Science Education, M.Ed. in Supervision, and W.I.T.S Personal Trainer Certified) is a parenting strategist and coach.

Whether you’re looking to bring more positivity into your life, or you’re ready to seek the advice of a Parenting Coach, she’s eager to help you put happiness back into parenting.

Deborah has decades of experience dealing with teenagers – as a mother, and as an educator. Over the years, she has helped hundreds of families, using her expertise and experience.

Learn how to improve your mother-daughter relationship today. Every minute you delay prolongs the isolation your child feels while disconnected from you. She’s waiting for you to figure it out, so why not skip the “trial and error” route? 

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