School Stuff Tell Your Tweens + Teens

Happy New Year! Setting Goals for School

It’s time to make New Year’s Resolutions again!
Forget January 1st. This is the real deal—The Beginning Of School.

The Fresh Start

The Do Over

The New Year

If you are a student, or a student’s parent, or a parent/student, you are an automatic member of the This Year Will Be Different Club. So make those resolutions now! What am I talking about?

Setting Goals For School!

School Stuff Tell Your Tweens + Teens

Unsolicited Advice for Freshmen

Don’t you just love freshmen?

They’re one of my favorite groups of students- a marvelous blend of big kid psyche and little kid sass, of sophistication and naiveté, of brilliance and idiocy. I taught them science for years, watching their morphosis from September until June. I can say, without a doubt, no one change as drastically in such a relatively short period of time as high school freshmen.

Here is my unsolicited advice for freshmen starting high school. (Freshmen, listen up!)