Awesome Moms Tell Your Tweens + Teens

The Versatile Venn Diagram

Welcome to the Versatile Venn Diagram, that splendiferous, fabulously perfect illustration of Common Ground. It’s a graphic used to clarify differences and similarities. Math uses them. Science uses them. And now, Awesome Moms and Awesome Daughters can use them.

Circle A represents your choices. Circle B represents your daughter’s choices. Circle A choices makes her roll her eyes and throw her hands up in frustration. The choices in Circle B make your teeth grind.

But the intersection of those two circles at the splendid Section C, that overlapping of your two worlds, that is where the magic happens. Section C is your friend. Section C consists of the choices you both love. It is the realm of Everybody-Wins, void of conflict and competition. Section C is where relationships are skirmish-free, and conflict goes to die. Section C saved my daughter and myself from many a temper tantrum.

I love Section C.

Awesome Moms

Perfect Timing

I didn’t cry when my daughter left our Connecticut home for a Massachusetts college. I was fine when she later left for California to attend law school. When she transferred to a different law school in Washington, DC, I thought it was really cool.

But this week I kissed her goodbye from Houston, Texas, where we were attending our niece’s wedding. As my darling girl boarded a plane bound for England, where she will be spending her final semester at law school, I cried.