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Change Your Life Coaching

Guidance and Accountability through 1-on-1 and Group Experiences

It’s time for you to take control of your life. Fill out the form below to investigate a Change Your Life Option with Deborah. You’ll  begin by scheduling a 30-minute Initial Intake session to help you identify the best option for you going forward, whether with Deborah or another route. (All boats rise with the tide.)

Initial Intake with Deborah  ($0)

Δ Schedule a free 30-minute appointment
Δ Fill out a questionnaire prior to the appointment
Δ Spend 30 minutes with Deborah on a call to explore options

(See details below)

1-on-1 Hour Focus Consultation with Deborah  ($250)

Δ Review what’s going on in your life and relationships
Δ Pick a focus
Δ Create a goal
Δ Decide how you want to achieve that goal
Δ Receive a summary of what was discussed
Δ Follow-up with an email

Jumpstart Program ($797)

Δ Discovery Questionnaire to help focus on a specific direction
Δ 50-minute Advisory Session based on your Discovery Questionnaire
Δ Personalized Jumpstart Plan for you to implement
Δ Follow-up with an email to encourage your progress
Δ Private Facebook Group to ask questions and share advice

4-Month Achievement Program ($4997)

Δ Discovery Questionnaire to help identify a specific direction
Δ Personalized Achievement Plan for you to implement
Δ Bi-monthly Advisory Sessions based on your progress with your goals
Δ Weekly Follow-up Accountability Emails to keep you on track
Δ Private Facebook Group to ask questions and share advice
Δ Exit Plan