Kungfu Momma Show Episode: How to Get Through to Your Child

00:50 What was your most influential unexpected life-changing moment? 7:30 Inspiration behind, "How To Keep Your Daughter From Slamming the Door." 12:10 Benefits of Parent Coaching and Seeking Help 22:30 Tantrums 30:00 Parental Quick Tips for De-Stressing ...
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Exploring the Seasons of Life: YOU are an Awesome Mama with Deborah Ann Davis

2:00 What Does Exploring Seasons of Life Mean to You Personally? 7:00 Comparing Ourselves to Others... Big Mistake 12:30 Are Parents Putting Too Much Pressure on Themselves? 25:15 Awesome Mom vs. Perfect Mom 36:15 When is the Right Time to Expand Kid's Privileges? ...
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Diva Tonight with Carlene Humphrey: Our Relationships with teenagers

5:05 Why did Deborah become a teacher? 10:07 What have you noticed about kids, especially during the pandemic? 13:50 How long have you been helping moms? 24:20 The importance of our relationships with our parents and teachers 26:35 What would you say to the moms of teens who are listening? ...
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