A Virtual Mom Meet-Up


Join a Virtual Mom Meet-Up on
Tuesday/Wednesday Night EST
– Connect with Other Mothers
– Explore Parenting Challenges
– Share Tips, Tools, and Techniques
– Take Some Time For Yourself

With over three decades of experience, Deborah will guide your group as you identify what you’re already doing right, and then provide strategies for the rest.

Does Parenting sometimes overwhelm you?
Do you experience FOSU (Fear of Screwing Up)?
Would you like to hang out with folks who don’t (usually) drink from sippy-cups?

The Solution?

A Virtual Mom Meet-Up!

If you are like the other modern moms – parenting through Covid, needing breaks in order to recharge (but not taking them), erroneously believing all the other moms are taking everything in stride – YOU NEED TO TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF WITH OTHER MOMS. It’s time to reconnect with yourself as a woman.

Join us for our Virtual Mom Meet-Ups. Groups are forming now on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Deborah Ann Davis will be your guide as you share your parenting triumphs, and get advice for your more trying moments. This includes:

  • 1 Virtual Mom Meet-Up
  • Tuesday or Wednesday Evenings EST 
  • Connections with Other Mothers
  • Exploration of Parenting Challenges
  • Sharing Tips, Tools, and Techniques

You don’t have to do this alone. A Virtual Mom Meet-Up is just what you need to end the isolation of motherhood. For $125 you can virtually hangout with like-minded moms – women who are taking back their lives, and parenting smarter, not harder.

Use this option as a way to introduce yourself to Virtual Mom Meet-Ups. If it suits you, check out the package of 5 Virtual Meet-ups, and their $100 discount. PLUS, if you decide to join us on a more permanent basis, $125 of what you spend here will be put toward your package.

Meanwhile, use this pay-as-you-go single Virtual Mom Meet-Up option as much as you’d like. 

With over three decades of working with parents and teens, Deborah helps you identify what you’re already doing right, and then provides strategies to enhance the rest. Get the guidance you need, the way you need it.

Your kids are hoping you’ll figure it all out, so don’t wait. Sign up today to learn how to relate better to yourself, experience better communication with your children, and to parent with confidence and ease. 

You might as well enjoy the parenting years, instead of dreading them. 

What you get:

  • Parenting tools and techniques
  • Guidance, accountability, encouragement, and empowerment
  • A chance to get on the same page as your child
  • The end of the isolation of motherhood
  • The opportunity to feel like a person again
  • Peace of mind

Sign Up Today! You’ll be sooo glad you did!

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