The Ripple Effect Explanation

When a pebble is dropped in calm water, ripples are produced in every direction. If nothing else interferes, the range of the ripples will increase, even though the effect of the pebble diminishes as they go.
If a second pebble is dropped, it changes the ripples from the first pebble, amplifying in some areas, reducing in others. This is a metaphor for life- The Ripple Effect Explanation 

How Did I Get Here?

My mom says I’m the only person she knows who likes to pull up her roots and move. Born in Kentucky, raised in Connecticut, educated in Massachusetts and Georgia, life was good.
And then, just to put icing on a gluten-free cake, out of the blue I landed my high school sweetheart 12 years after our first kiss <sigh> so I got to move around with his job (yay!). I am a bonafide move-aholic. In my spare time (if I had any) I try to live a sustainable life, write novels, dance, play, and laugh really hard every day. Occasionally I ask myself, How Did I Get Here?