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Help Your Awesome Daughter Thrive Today: Parenting with Proper Nutrition

When Awesome Moms come to me to discuss their Awesome Kids’ less than awesome behavior, I ask about 2 things:
1. Are they getting enough sleep?
2. What kinds of foods are they consuming?

Choice: Your Parenting Superpower… or… How to Reduce Your Conflicts with Tweens and Teenagers

Dear Deborah,

My girlfriend and her daughter have been getting upset with each other a lot lately. I don’t know if it’s that mother-daughter thing, or not, but I haven’t had those kinds of fights with my son who’s the same age, so I don’t know what to tell her when she asks me what to do. Help!

Talking With Your Kids Matters Even More: Parenting Advice for Awesome Moms

That should get the conversation flowing! Positive conversations make your kids feel closer to you, and more comfortable around you. In turn, those simple moments make them feel supported, and…

Parenting Conversation Starters for Awesome Moms: Parenting Advice for Awesome Moms

**The kids are going to be home for the holiday break!**

Does that statement make you cry out, “Hooray!” or does it just make you want to cry? Having the kids home disrupts your routine, and it disrupts theirs. In addition.

Parenting Advice for Awesome Moms of Tired Teens

Are your kids lethargic? Unmotivated? Uninspired? Emotionally committed to some electronic device? Are their muscles small and their bellies big? Are energy and enthusiasm forgotten habits of the past? Let’s change that, shall we?

Parenting Advice for Awesome Moms of Students Transitioning to a New School

The first thing to tell her (and yourself) is to not worry about next year. You got this! Just enjoy the summer.

The second thing you do is schedule a walk through the school in July, just you and her (plus a map of the school).

Advice for Awesome Moms of Students Who Need to Study Effectively

If your Learning Style differs from your kid’s, don’t help her learn the way you think she should. Help her learn the way best suited to her true Learning Style

Advice For Awesome Moms of Girls Who Want Crop Tops

decisions that affect her well-being, her mental and emotional growth/development, and her education always should be completely up to you.

Sure, you can allow her to weigh in, but as the ranking adult in the room, the decision lies with YOU. She needs you to be in charge.