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Awesome Advice for Moms of Students Transitioning to a New School

The first thing to tell her (and yourself) is to not worry about next year. You got this! Just enjoy the summer.

The second thing you do is schedule a walk through the school in July, just you and her (plus a map of the school).

Awesome Advice for Moms of Students Who Need to Study Effectively

If your Learning Style differs from your kid’s, don’t help her learn the way you think she should. Help her learn the way best suited to her true Learning Style

Awesome Advice for Moms on How to Re-connect with Your Post Pandemic-Panic Teenagers (Part 2)

If you want to have a conversation, set the stage to invite a conversation. My favorite way to initiate a tête-à-tête with my daughter is to…

Unsolicited Advice for Moms of Freshmen

Here is my unsolicited advice for freshmen starting high school. (Freshmen, listen up!)
Keep a tight rein on your freshmen.
Parents, your kid may look more mature and responsible than ever—and s(he) could very well be—but the beginning of the school year is not the time to extend latitude.