Fairly Safe

A Love of Fairs Tale

What happens when Mistaken Identity collides with Secret Identity?

The insulated business world of former foster kid, Jacob, merges with the realm of witness protection when he inadvertently helps to hide Casey’s family. Should their 24/7 vigilance prove to be inadequate, Casey’s family may have to disappear. Again. This time they will be stealing away with Jacob’s heart, and his hopes of finally having a family of his own.

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What happens when Mistaken Identity collides with Secret Identity?

“The writing is superb” The writing is superb, the plot intricate and compelling, and the characterizations throughout this fast moving story will pull at readers’ hearts.

Review byAngie Mangino, Amazon.

“A bit different that will play with your emotions” Merges mystery with suspense, and with a hint of thriller thrown in, creates a roller-coaster that keeps you glued to the pages.

Review by Stacey at Whispering Stories Book Blog, Amazon

“Romance, humour, enigma, intrigue, human frailty and well-intentioned deceit” A disbelief suspending roller coaster romp of a read that grabs the reader on page one and whisks he or she on a thrilling super fast ride of highs and lows to a gloriously happy ending.

Review by D. A. Barkeron, Amazon

“Great read!” Characters are written so well that you will be cheering them on from the first page until you close the book.

Review by Book Junkie Momon Amazon.

“Just a great little story.” Sweet love at its best! Loved how the story connected and reconnected over the years.

Review by mathphilosopheron, Amazon.

“Unique” This love story is an amazing tale of bravery, love and loyalty. I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it touched my heart.

Review by Kissablysweet1, Amazon.
Parenting Coach for the teen years

About the author

B.S., M.Ed., W.I.T.S.

Deborah Ann Davis is an award-winning author, speaker, and coach with over three decades of experience in middle and high school education. As a teacher, Deborah has helped countless families replace the pain typical of the tween and teenage years, with fostering positive and healthy relationships, despite adolescent angst.

Founder of The Awesome Mom Tribe, and a mother herself, Deborah now applies her experience in education to Coaching Parenting Skills. Armed with a sense of humor, a B.S. in Education from University of Massachusetts, and a M.Ed. in Supervision from Emory University, she provides guidance and encouragement for moms to help them foster positive and healthy relationships within their families.  

Deborah’s previous titles include How to Get Your Happy On and the Love of Fairs series.

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