Manifested Blessings

Everyday People Share Their Manifesting Stories and Secrets

This Tiny book holds such powerful stories as told by five authors from around the world.  As you sink into your favorite reading space, enjoy getting to know the authors through their stories of personal challenges, difficulties, uncertainties.  Then, uncover their breakthroughs, their moments of revelation, triumph, and realization that steps them through to their greatest opportunities, life decisions, and profound love for themselves and others.

When the book is done, there is still more to explore by meeting with the authors through an online content portal where you have the opportunity to explore more content from the contributing authors and meet with them through The Inspired Living Academy (TILA).   Where transformations are explored and shared.

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Imagine the gift… then believe in the miracles.

Parenting Coach for the teen years

About the author

B.S., M.Ed., W.I.T.S.

Deborah Ann Davis is an award-winning author, speaker, and coach with over three decades of experience in middle and high school education. As a teacher, Deborah has helped countless families replace the pain typical of the tween and teenage years, with fostering positive and healthy relationships, despite adolescent angst.

Founder of The Awesome Mom Tribe, and a mother herself, Deborah now applies her experience in education to Coaching Parenting Skills. Armed with a sense of humor, a B.S. in Education from University of Massachusetts, and a M.Ed. in Supervision from Emory University, she provides guidance and encouragement for moms to help them foster positive and healthy relationships within their families.  

Deborah’s previous titles include How to Get Your Happy On and the Love of Fairs series.

Manifested Blessings reflects the brilliance and beneficence of these beautiful, heart-centered women committing to make this world a more joyful, hopeful, bountiful, and peaceful place, especially for those who experienced challenges and setbacks. Each of the amazing women prove, through their incredible narrative, that the impossible is possible and anyone regardless of background can manifest blessings. I am the beneficiary of blessings that Judy and Debbie bestowed onto me when they helped me publish my book through their amazing publishing service at Carnelian Moon. Their professionalism, transparency, and generosity overwhelmed me. They made my lifelong goal of becoming an author come true! If you read their work, follow them, and have the honor of working with them, you will manifest blessings in your life and everyone near and dear to you!

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