The Power of Your Inner Brilliance (Paperback)


What would you do if you were a 19-year-old girl suddenly faced with having to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair? This is the journey I share in my story “The Positive Side of a Crushing Experience,” in our new book, “The Power of Your Inner Brilliance.” Eight women come together to share stories of self-love, self-worth, and inner confidence that will pull at your heartstrings.

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This listing is for the paperback for The Power of Your Inner Brilliance: Stories of Self-Love, Self-Worth & Inner Confidence.

When women come together on a soul mission to support one another around the world, something magical happens as they share their stories, their journeys, and their messages.

Eight women gather here to share compelling personal tales, experiences, wisdom, and truth, to support you in stepping past the challenges you face.

Reconnect with your own self-love, self-worth and inner confidence when you read how they fully embraced their inner brilliance.

Learn How To:

  • Embrace your inner brilliance
  • Step through any challenge you may face
  • Reconnect with self-love, self-worth and inner confidence
  • Experience the magic and wisdom from seven inspirational female experts

The stories in this book are shared to remind you that:

  • You are good enough, you always have been and you always will be;
  • You have always belonged and your tribe is waiting for you;
  • You didn’t fail, you only gained feedback;
  • You are worthy of achieving everything your heart desires;
  • You deserve the love that your heart desires.

Remember, you are brilliant, you always have been and you always will be brilliant.

GIVING BACK – 40% of all sales for this book are being donated to various charities around the world, supporting the positive impact for women, including the Donna Marie Foundation.

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